There's A Meetin' Here Tonight

There's A Meetin' Here Tonight
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Recorded in 1981 and hosted by Mary Travers of Peter, Paul & Mary, this DVD features The Kingston Trio lineup of Bob Shane, Roger Gambill and George Grove, The Limeliters and Glen Yarbrough. The show was originally released onto a laser disk. We didn't want it to be lost forever, so we transferred it to DVD.

Some of the best numbers by the original Limeliters (with Glen introducing his replacement Red Grammer), Glen Yarbrough, and the Shane/Grove/Gambill Trio.


Meetin' Here Tonight - Limeliters

Acres Of Limeliters - Limeliters

Precious Friend - Limeliters

John Henry - Limeliters

That's Just The Way It Goes - Limeliters

Madeira M'Dear - Limeliters

Gari Gari - Limeliters

I Want To Be Happy - Limeliters

Don't Let It Rain On Me - Glen Yarbough

Just A Little Love - Glen Yarbrough

Close To You - Glen Yarbrough

She Touched Me - Glen Yarbrough

Build A Bridge - Glen Yarbrough

Greenback Dollar - Kingston Trio

Hard Ain't It Hard - Kingston Trio

The First Time - Kingston Trio

Longest Beer Of The Night - Kingston Trio

Chilly Winds - Kingston Trio

Lovers - Kingston Trio

Columbus Stockade - Kingston Trio

Scotch And Soda - Bob Shane

Worried Man - Kingston Trio

M.T.A - Kingston Trio

Tom Dooley - Kingston Trio

Early Morning Rain - Kingston Trio

Merry Minuet - Kingston Trio

Zombie Jamboree - Kingston Trio

California (I'm Goin' Home) - Kingston Trio

Kingston Trio Music Publishing, BMI Released November 2013