Best Of The New Kingston Trio

Best Of The New Kingston Trio

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Best Of The New Kingston Trio CD

Recorded between 1968 and 1972, this CD features Bob Shane, Jim Connor and Pat Horine, the group Bob Shane named "The New Kingston Trio." This group was formed by Bob Shane after the 1967 disbanding of The Kingston Trio (Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds & John Stewart). Bob later bought the Kingston Trio name, changed partners and restarted The Kingston Trio, so these 4-year recordings by Bob, Pat and Jim are very historical. These aren't your ususal Kingston Trio hits. Instead, this group recorded mostly new material that had more of a country bent. It's really good stuff, and we are happy to bring you this CD from recordings Bob and our friend Dan Hartline had in their archives. We have had many requests to release a CD from this era, and this is it. Enjoy!


The World Needs A Melody

Going Up Cripple Creek


Roll Your Own, Cowbys

Blowin' In The Wind


Grandma's Feather Bed

Riley's Medicine Show

Lovin' You Again

Blue Skies & Teardrops

4th Avenue New Hope Mission

Turkey In The Straw

One In A Million

Windy Wakefield

In Tall Buildings

500 Miles

Sold American

Come The Morning

Way Back Home

Try To Remember

Tell The Riverboat Captain

This Land Is Your Land

Kingston Trio Productions, LLC Released October 26th, 2010