The First 50 Years

The First 50 Years

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The First 50 Years CD

What better way to commemorate 50 years of The Kingston Trio than with a CD that showcases all 9 configurations of the group up until then? (The Kingston Trio is now in it's 62nd year with a new configuration, so we'll have to make another one)!

This CD has 18 songs - two selections from each group. It also features liner notes by Bob Shane and some tracks that haven't been introduced onto a recording in a long while. As Bob Shane puts it, "this CD is really peachy!"


You're Going To Miss Me

Blue Skies & Teardrops

Three Jolly Coachman

Lion In The Winter

Looking For The Sunshine

Gypsy Rose & I Don't Give A Curse

Grandma's Feather Bed


The Seine

Reuben's Train

Hawaiian Nights

To Morrow

Zombie Jamboree

Bad Man's Blunder

I'm Going Home (California)

Genny Glenn

Like Old Friends Do

Road To Freedom

Kingston Trio Music Publishing, BMI Released June 2007