The Decca Years

The Decca Years
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The Decca Years 3 CD Boxed Set

Includes the complete CDs Stay Awhile, Nick Bob John and Children Of The Morning; all but 4 of the songs from Something Else, and an added track!


DISC 1: 1. Midnight Special 2. Love's Been Good To Me 3. Poverty Hill 4. Some Day Soon 5. Gotta Travel On 6. Hope You Understand 7. Little Play Soldiers 8. Love Comes A Trickling Down 9. My Ramblin' Boy 10. More Poems 11. Fare Thee Well My Own True Love 12. I'm Going Home (California) 13. Long Time Blues 14. Come Gather The Time

DISC 2: 1. Hanna Lee 2. Three Song 3. Gonna Go Down The River 4. Rusting In The Rain 5. Dooley 6. If I Had A Ship 7. Yes I Can Feel It 8. Bottle Of Wine 9. Stories Of Old 10. Where I'm Bound 11. If You See Me Go 12. Stay Awhile 13. Dancing Distance 14. They Are Gone 15. Last Thing On My Mind 16. Early Morning Rain

DISC 3: 1. Children Of The Morning 2. Hit And Run 3. When You've Been Away For A Long Time 4. Lei Pakalana 5. Gaze On Other Heavens 6. A Taste Of Honey 7. Norwegian Wood 8. Put Your Money Away 9. Lock All The Windows 10. Less Of Me 11. The Spinnin' Of The World 12. A Little Soul Is Born 13. Where Are You Going Little Boy? 14. Go Tell Roger 15. Red River Shore 16. Runaway Song