Close-Up/College Concert

Close-Up/College Concert
Item# CCM-104-2

Product Description

Close-Up/College Concert Double CD

A double CD of the first two albums the Kingston Trio recorded with John Stewart. John was a nice fit for the Trio after Dave Guard left, and wrote many songs that this configuration of the Trio recorded. The new Trio with John Stewart was accepted immediately. These albums were recorded in 1961 & 1962.


Coming From the Mountains

Oh, Sail Away

Take Her Out of Pity

Don't You Weep, Mary

Whistling Gypsy

O Ken Karanga

Jesse James

Glorious Kingdom

When My Love Was Here


Weeping Wilow

Reuben James

This Little Light

Coplas Revisited

Chilly Winds

Oh, Miss Mary


O Ken Karanga

Young Roddy M'Corley


500 Miles

The Ballad of the Shape of Things

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Goin' Away For to Leave You