Born At The Right Time

Born At The Right Time

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Born At The Right Time CD

Recorded by Bill Zorn, George Grove and Rick Dougherty, The Kingston Trio from 2005-2017. All 3 guys brought in songs, as did Bob Shane, original Kingston Trio founder, and they kept with the tradition of considering only songs that everyone liked. The result is an enticing CD with all original material. And wait until you see the packaging, it is fantastic. Kudos to Bill, George and Rick, we love it!


A Much Better View Of The Moon


Every Inch Of The Way

La Migra

Forever And A Day

Born At The Right Time

That Song About The River


If I Were Free


May The Light Of Love

Blackleg Miner

Barrett's Privateers

Real Old Style

Turkish Delight From The Dardanelles

Kingston Trio Music Publishing, BMI Released March 22nd, 2012