#16/Sunny Side

#16/Sunny Side
Item# CCM-106-2

Product Description

#16/Sunny Side Double CD

A double CD of the fifth and sixth albums the Kingston Trio recorded with John Stewart. The Trio was still having the time of their lives and also at the heighth of their popularity. These albums were recorded in 1963.


Reverend Mr. Black

Road To Freedom

River Run Down

Big Ball in Town

One More Round

Oh Joe Hannah

Run the Ridges

Try to Remember

Mark Twain

Low Bridge

Ballad of the Quiet Fighter

La Bamba

Desert Pete

Marcelle Vahine

Sing Out

Ballad of the Thresher

Blowin' in the Wind

Goo Ga Gee


Two-Ten, Six-Eighteen

Those Brown Eyes

Those Who Are Wise


Released 1999 Collector's Choice Music